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Transit Times

Orders that arrive are typically filled all at once in the late evening. All of those orders come with a tracking ID and are delivered to the post office the next morning.


Domestic packages are sent out via USPS using their First Class service. Our customers have experienced transit times between 1-7 days. The average is three days.


We ship out international packages via USPS with the First Class International service. These are transit time ranges that our customers have experienced. Please note, we switched over to a postage application in early October, so all the countries from previous are not accounted for. We will keep updating this chart in the future.

Country Days in transit
Australia 10
Austria 9-10
Belguim 7
France 4-10
Canada 5-7
Hungary 19
Italy 10-21
Netherlands 4-11
Spain 11
United Kingdom 4-12