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About Us

Hello, welcome to We are a web site dedicated to helping out new and experienced wet shavers to find the perfect blade for them.

For people want to venture into the the world of shaving with a double edge razor, choosing a blade can be daunting. Aside from the wide selection of blades available and each blade's performance for the individual is even more overwhelming.

Here at, we wanted to offer a unique service where you get to choose the blades and quantity you want to try. This eliminates the excess of blades you have leftover from a 100 pack you bought off of Amazon because it was the lowest price (we've been there).

There are over 100 different blades available on the market today and we are hoping to eventually carry them all. We are actively trying to build up our inventory, so that we can provide the best value and selection for our customers.

We hope that you give us a try and recommend us to a friend.

Happy shaving!